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Calculator quotation business

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Be the most responsive ! Negotiate fares with your customers, in the field, without any risk of error. Just before leaving, convert your calculations into quotation and send him it immediately via mail or Bluetooth. Watching demo video is ESSENTIAL to acquire total control of your calculator.Try the free/demo version : Calculator or spreadsheet?__________________________________________________HELP WITH VIDEOS :♦ Adding :♦ Modification, debit, currency conversion :♦ Parentheses :♦ Sub-total, discount, tax and copy PDF :♦ Quotation : OF EACH VERSION:__________________________________### Free version ### (Calculator or spreadsheet ?)♦ Demo of specifics functions of Medium and Full versions♦ Additions (Accounting)♦ Modifications♦ Currency converter (150 currencies)♦ Link a result of a row in other row♦ Adding discounts or taxes ( VAT ) manual or automatic♦ Rounding value of the total incl. taxes♦ Successive discounts♦ Two columns : debit and credit♦ Can enter variables with [M=] key♦ Powers, roots and fractions in exponential notation♦ Share copy in PDF format♦ Sending, sharing or storing calculations via email, skype, google drive (cloud) or Bluetooth♦ Offered : "Tip calculation"♦ Visible in daylight♦ Right to left and localized no indi-arabic digits support added for PDF quotations♦ No connection required__________________________________### Medium ### (Office calculator)♦ All features of the free version+ no contains ADS.+ save, backup and restore calculus+ import from Excel 97 - 2003 (xls)+ give change multi-currency.__________________________________### Full ### (This version)♦ All features of medium version+ Share quotations in PDF format+ Export to excel 97 – 2003 (xls)__________________________________________________SENSITIVE PERMISSIONS:♦ READ_CALL_LOG :♦ READ_YOUR_CONTACT to find the recipient of the PDF file♦ FIND_ACCOUNT_ON_YOUR_DEVICE : to send a copy to the default sender (you)♦ RETRIEVE_RUNNING_APPS : if you are running two versions of Calc'1